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Veterans Emergency Response Unit


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  With God's Grace We Will Succeed in our Missions  

  An outreach mission of:  

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TAX ID: 83-2565563

A Community First Organization

City of Charlotte, NC Walk for Suicide Prevention


Since 2012 the mission of the Veterans Emergency Response Unit (now in conjunction with the US Veterans Hall of Fame) has been to go to our damaged communities and give them hope. 

Our rescue efforts, starting with Hurricane Sandy, have been done accurately and with only good intent.

We will always conduct ourselves as professionals and treat victims with care, God's love and compassion as we administer supplies, relief and tactical rescue measures.

*merged as of April 2019

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V.E.R.U. has begun operations for rescue and recovery in the lower Louisiana regions of Lake Charles and Cameron: affected by Hurricane Laura on August 26th 2020. 

We are excited to announce that we have our first 53" foot trailer of supplies on its way to the area on Monday September 7th!

Thank you to all of our sponsors, community members and partners of this collection drive!



Support Natural Disaster Efforts

The US Veterans Hall of Fame is active in assisting first responders and communities during the active natural disaster season. Please CLICK HERE to go to our donation page!

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