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Curtis Drafton


During the Hurricane Katrina evacuations in 2005, our Co-Founder Curtis Drafton was a collegiate Junior in college.

Living in Dallas, TX he saw the many evacuees being brought to the city from some of the harder hit areas of New Orleans.

Right then he knew that God had a deeper calling on his life to help people in despair. After his first military contract, he worked in corporate America as a Regional Marketing Director for Jersey Mike's Subs Inc. Now living in Texas after a few successful years, he has re-trained his focus on veteran issues, community activism and safety and is also now a certified Emergency Rescue Chaplain and teen mentor in Charlotte, NC.


Captain America

Joe Masek


Certified in several areas of response via his military training in the U.S. Army, Joe brings vital rescue components to the veteran response team.

He has served honorably in the military for 12 years and has had 3 deployments to the Middle East as a truck driver/convoy security.

He currently resides in Raleigh, NC and works as a federal technician for the North Carolina guard.

His analytic skills, quick thinking and deployment readiness are excellent traits for the rescue operatives that are inevitable for all mission types that we encounter in natural disaster response.


The Flash

Jeff Bost.jpg

Jeff Bost


Jeff Bost accepted at a young age that "people need people" in order for the world to thrive.

He began his humanity effort, RX Rescue & Relief, with the mindset that "We are our brothers (mankind's) keeper, and that we should bring relief to one person, one family, one community, one city and one disaster at a time, whenever we have the opportunity".

Since accepting God's calling to help others, he has done dozens of missions with natural disasters across the country and consistently been a community presence.​ He hosts an annual toy drive in Atlanta, GA that benefits children and families in disaster areas and beyond.






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